Our build process

At Chello, we are incredibly passionate about what we do and we know that it not only shows through the craftsmanship of each project, but also in the way that we build relationships with our suppliers, workers, and our clients. We are here to take care of the structural components while allowing you to bring your design and vision to life.

Once we become familiar with you and your needs, we manage your project from inception with permits and design meetings, right through until final city sign off. We work intimately with hand selected architects, engineers, and all other consultants needed for the project. Our extensive knowledge of each phase of the project ensures that you will have a seamlessly satisfying experience. 


At this phase we will get to know each other and understand if our beliefs fall in line.


In our humble opinion, this is the most important phase. We want to get everyone on the same page so that we can get an accurate budget and schedule so there are no surprises for anyone.


This is where your trust in us comes to life. You will get to watch our highly qualified team erect your dream structure. To us this is not construction, this is artistry.


Once the final walk through with the city happens, we hand over the keys to you to enjoy the final product.

Ready to partner and build?