Key Elements​

  • Structural curtain wall window system

  • European style tilt and turn windows

  • Ultra-quiet variable blower/gas modulation to always deliver the right amount of heat for the greatest energy efficiency

  • Multi-stage air conditioner

  • Steam humidifier

  • Electronic air cleaner

  • Boiler for in-floor heating located in the basement and garage. Also provides heat for hot water

  • Aroma fragrance oil released into the HVAC ducts sending a consistent essential oil aroma to the desired areas

  • Outdoor wood and gas fired pizza oven

  • Motion-activated attic-mounted fans for no noise bathroom fans

  • Steam shower

  • Curbless showers

  • Solid core doors

  • Concealed interior door hinges

  • Full home backup generator

  • Linear drain in garage

  • Cast iron plumbing stacks to eliminate running water/flush noise